Choosing Between Sleeping And Doing Homework

A student’s life revolves around learning in school or college, exercise and homework later on in the day. Such a tasking schedule throughout the week often takes a toll on a student, and they find themselves struggling with the difficult decision about doing homework or sleeping. Each decision can affect the student’s grades or performance the following day. So what should one do in such a scenario?

Doing an assignment when exhausted and sleepy to finish can negatively impact a student’s grades as you most probably will be giving the homework less than 50% of your concentration. In some cases, you might perform well in the assignment, but you likely will suffer from attention deficits the following day in your class or lecture session. Such a situation can impact your general performance in the end as teachers don’t care about your condition while doing your tests, nor can you change the outcome once you get a terrible score.

The Importance of Homework

Are you a college or high school student? You must have surely thought homework doesn’t assist your learning in one way or another. From the amount of time it takes to do the homework and the energy you expend to make it happen. Moreover, some tutors seem to assign students homework without any direct intention, which can lead to confusion of how the assignment relates to the course you are undertaking. But how does homework help?

  • Homework reinforces the lessons and skills learned in class.
  • Assignments also permit the student to prepare adequately for upcoming topical issues in a class by ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Homework also enhances different skill sets on a student as it encourages one to master self-discipline. More often than not, you can get tempted to do some stuff you love most after school, but the responsibility to complete assignments compels the formation of alternate viewpoints on what matters.
  • A student has to do homework independently, and this fosters creativity in thought without thinking a lot about what the instructor wants or thinks.
  • Assignments horn a student’s research skills by having varied research resources such as encyclopedias, e-learning platforms, and dictionaries to deliver quality work.
  • Homework also connects school or college learning to daily happenings outside the school setup, which engrains awareness that better prepares a student for the world after graduation.

Despite the advantages, sleep matters too to enable productivity and performance in class. Most high achievers perform well not only because they are more disciplined or enjoy the learning process, but also for the essential reason that they get enough rest. It is very evident in school and also applies to top CEOs of the most successful companies’ world over. They understand the need to get enough shuteye each night to help them tackle everyday company challenges with vigor and strength.

Contrary to this position, having enough rest by sleeping doesn’t mean doing it where and when you feel like but having the right balance to ensure you deliver on your homework as well.  It is unhealthy and unwise to keep working on your assignment when you feel sleepy to finish. Professionals from Assignment Geek can help you get through tough workloads and free up time for rest and sleeping enough. Getting sufficient sleep every day ensures your body and mind get enough rest, which alternatively leads to better concentration in class.


As a student, it’s essential to look at your workload, whether you are working part-time or not, and settle on a routine that will ensure your work gets done at the same time ensuring you remain fresh.