Play a Barbie Ice Cream Parlor Game

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Barbie Ice Cream Parlor

How to play: Click on correct items to create ice creams as per animal's choice. Click on tray to serve.


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About Barbie Ice Cream Parlor

Barbie Ice Cream Parlor

Ms. Barbie welcomes you to the one and only one Barbie Ice Cream Parlor! All animals are not hunting anymore; their favorite ice creams are available here. Due to this, there is a huge wave of customers making it difficult for Barbie to handle her ice cream parlor alone. She needs your help. So go on and help her to serve the hungry animals with the ice creams they ask for. Make sure you serve the ice creams with the right toppings and sauces as per animal’s request. Finally don’t forget to collects money from them. To complete each level, you must earn at least the target amount set for the day before time runs out.